Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge money for your pictures when lots of websites give them away for free?

I have gone through considerable effort and expense to create some pleasing images and I believe they have value.
I do not have any advertising on my website, providing you with an enjoyable experience, free from the distraction of annoying ads.
I am trying to raise money for a charity that I support.

What is your charity?

The charity I am supporting provides living expenses for friends of mine that are working as volunteers in South Africa.  The foundation they volunteer at is called the Seed of Hope.  It provides education as well as health and medical assistance to impoverished people in the Bhekulwandle township which is near Durban.  Without this support there would be no way they could afford to live and work there.

Will I receive a tax receipt if I purchase something?

No.  By purchasing a photograph you are receiving a product in exchange for your payment.  For that reason it does not qualify as a charitable donation.

Can I donate directly to the charity?

Absolutely!  Click here to make your donation directly.  Please be aware that this is a Canadian-based charity organization.  If you live outside of Canada, you may or may not be able to claim the donation on your income taxes depending on your country's tax laws.  Alternatively, you may donate directly to the Seed of Hope organization and be assured that you can receive a Canadian or US tax receipt.  For other countries, you can donate via Paypal but should contact the Seed of Hope for tax information.

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